Selected for innovation research and development grant from The senshu ikeda bank

11st Mar 2024

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The senshu ikeda bank has adopted the following plan of Cognano Corporation as an excellent award in the healthcare department of the 20th "Innovation Research and Development Grant" implemented by The senshu ikeda bank.

A Drug Discovery Paradigm to Solve Unmet Medical Needs

A summary of the plan is here:

  • Decoding antibodies as structural biosensors and accumulating as big data
  • Discover "new target molecules" from antibodies and perform structural biological analysis of antigen epitopes
  • The process of discovering biomarkers from antibodies is in the opposite direction of normal, made possible by big data and AI algorithms
  • Through antibody engineering, we are investing in ADC, TCB, CAR-T drug discovery and running multiple "anticancer drug pipelines" in parallel
  • It is a new principle platform that discovers UMN-specific antigen epitopes as structural mutations and creates value

Furthermore, this grant is to support companies and researchers who aim to commercialize advanced research and development, provided by Ikeda Senshu Bank. For more details, please visit the official website.